01. Once a resident has moved in, are there charges for extra services that are not reflected in the daily rate?
Daily rates are all inclusive and do not change as care needs increase. Cedar Creek does not charge extra for personal care, medication administration, laundry services or housekeeping. Residents do pay for their own medication, personal care items and supplies.
02. What about medical care?
We have doctors, nurse, therapists, dentists, podiatrists, and other health care professionals who visit residents at our homes. Residents are welcome to continue to see their own doctor, but we provide the option to utilize our doctors for convenience and for more monitored medical oversight.
03. Are physical therapy or rehabilitation services offered at cedar creek?
Cedar Creek residents may receive a doctor’s order for physical, occupational or speech therapy and therapists can come to the community to work with our residents.
04. What if my loved one lives out of state or in another county?
We will work with you and his or her doctor/s to obtain the necessary information for the assessment. Once the decision has been made for a move to Cedar Creek, we will assist you in locating a doctor who can be his or her new health care practitioner if needed.
05. What kinds of activities are offered?
We have a unique and individualized activity program, structured to meet the needs of residents with memory loss. Our amazing full-time activity therapist learns about each residents’ background and finds opportunities to bring them joy. You may find her outside working with residents in our vegetable garden, taking residents on a journey with her iPad to explore their hometown, or leading a reminiscence group. If she meets a resident with an interest in quilting, she starts a quilting group. We also have therapists who provide cognitive stimulation and entertainers who provide music therapy for our residents. In addition, our caregivers are trained to engage residents in meaningful activities throughout the day, such as leading daily exercise or sing-a-longs, working on puzzles, and art projects. Our activity program varies based on the home and the interests of the residents, which is why we can truly say it is unique.
06. Does cedar creek provide end-of-life care?
In most cases, residents stay with us throughout their lives. Additionally, residents whose health status qualifies for hospice care can be assisted at our homes by nursing support from local hospice organizations. There are rare situations, however, in which a resident’s care needs increase beyond the licensed capabilities of Cedar Creek. In this situation, we work closely with family members to find the best alternative and promote a smooth transition to the new facility.

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