Cedar Creek Remains Committed to Resident Safety During COVID-19


Cedar Creek Remains Committed to Resident Safety During COVID-19

Cedar Creek Remains Committed to Resident Safety During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major problems for long-term care facilities. Residents and their family members are concerned about transmission, while workers are worried about bringing coronavirus into the facility or back home.

The entire Cedar Creek team has taken a proactive stance to help keep our residents and staff members as safe as we can. We’re proud that our staff members are putting safety first by maintaining a 100% vaccination rate for our employees. For further precaution and peace of mind, we’re also going above and beyond current mandates by testing all employees weekly in order to prevent the spread of potential breakthrough cases.

Vaccination Rates Above Average

While Cedar Creek isn’t a nursing home and isn’t subject to mandatory reporting for COVID-19 vaccination rates, many individuals might like to know how Cedar Creek compares to others. We’ve built our reputation on placing resident safety first, and our amazing vaccination rate shows that we continue to do this.

Nationally, 59.3% of nursing home staff members are vaccinated. Within Maryland, the vaccination rate among these employees is 78.3%. Montgomery County’s rate is right at 88.5%, so we surpassed even that.

Our employees voluntarily received the COVID-19 vaccine in the early days of vaccine availability. Everyone understood the importance of working as hard as possible to prevent an outbreak within our facility. We’re still committed to preventing our residents from having to deal with a COVID-19 outbreak.

Unvaccinated staff members at long-term care facilities can put the residents at risk of having serious issues. Each resident has also had the opportunity to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, as long as their medical care team approved them getting it.

Residents Remain Our Priority

While much of the world outside our facility is reeling with the ups and downs that have come with this pandemic, the residents of Cedar Creek are still enjoying top-notch care from the most loving and professional staff in the comforting accommodations they’re accustomed to. They’re still dining on the freshly prepared foods they’ve loved all along.

The residents at Cedar Creek still get to participate in activities, but we make sure we have proper safety precautions in place for these. We work to find things our residents will enjoy that are fully safe for them to do, despite the dangers that come during the pandemic.

Cedar Creek Residents Appreciate Staff Continuity

Our staff members care about each resident. In fact, while turnover has been astronomical at many long-term care facilities, all our key employees have remained right here with us. We haven’t had to turn to staffing agencies or other quick fixes. Cedar Creek still has employees here who’ve been with us for 10 years, 20 years and even longer.

We value our employees, and that ensures they provide our residents with phenomenal care. From our management team to the staff members who come into direct contact with residents, each person on our team is important.

Our team understands that our residents need to see familiar faces. This is one of the reasons we strive to ensure our staff members are taken care of.

The residents who call Cedar Creek home know the staff members, and the staff members know the residents. We don’t focus only on what the residents need now. We also learn about the things they’ve enjoyed and the experiences they’ve had. This enables us to care for the entire person. And that commitment to care hasn’t changed just because the COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the world.

Cleanliness and Sanitization Are Key

Cedar Creek upholds all the current standards to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. This includes enhanced cleaning and sanitization protocols so our residents can remain as safe as possible.

The residents of Cedar Creek can count on us to keep everything clean and sanitary for them. We even help them keep their individual suites clean. Laundry, dishes and high-touch surfaces are a priority for us to ensure everyone remains safe at Cedar Creek.

We work closely with our residents’ medical providers to ensure they receive proper medical care. And we continue to monitor our residents vital signs daily in order to keep on top of any change in status.  We recognize that every symptom has to be considered, and we know that keeping each person at our facility safe and healthy has to be the primary focus as we navigate through the pandemic.

Flexible Care During This Time

One thing Cedar Creek staff members and residents have learned during this pandemic is that things can change quickly. Our small size helps ensure we’re able to remain flexible and adjust as necessary.

We keep a close eye on the current recommendations and protocols for COVID-19 safety. We strive to meet or exceed everything that can help our residents avoid getting the virus. We work hard to remain a facility that our residents can be proud to call home.

Contact Us to Learn More

Anyone who’s looking for an assisted living facility in our area is encouraged to learn more about the Cedar Creek way of life. You can contact us to discuss your needs and find out how we can help you. We can schedule a tour so you can see our facility and see firsthand why we’re the premier long-term care facility in this area. We look forward to meeting you!

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