Memory Care Home in Rockville, Maryland

Memory care home in Rockville, Maryland

Maple Ridge is a memory care home in Rockville, Maryland that provides a homelike atmosphere in a semi-country setting. Each resident at Maple Ridge is treated as a unique individual by our dedicated staff.

Maple Ridge is conveniently located in Rockville in Montgomery County; approximately 45 minutes from Washington, DC, and just east of Lake Needwood.

We are on a private road in a peaceful neighborhood. Residents can sit on the front porch and watch the birds, or see the children playing across the street.

Established in 1995

14 Private Rooms

1:4 Staff-to-Resident Ratio

Our Memory Care Staff at Maple Ridge

Our mission is simple. To promote a loving, caring environment where residents and their families are treated with dignity and respect. We believe true dementia care is about an intimate relationship with our residents and a strong partnership with our families. We know residents with dementia can have unique support needs. With abundant caregivers and a small cohort, this allows us the flexibility to easily adapt and cater to their needs.

The quality of life of Maple Ridge residents is our top priority. We have a staff-to-resident ratio of approximately 1:4. This enables us to give each resident the attention and time they deserve.

Unlike some other memory care facilities, Maple Ridge has a low staff turnover rate. We have employees who have been with us for 10 to 20 years or longer. Having a low turnover rate is essential in providing consistency and continuity of care.

In addition to our direct care staff, we also have 2 directors, a delegating nurse, an activity director, a human resources manager, a business manager, and a maintenance director. We work to improve our residents’ health and well-being with stimulating activities. This could be anything from artwork to singing to whatever may have once brought a resident joy. In addition to our full-time activity therapist, our caregivers also organize small group activities.

You might find our activity therapist taking residents on a “virtual tour” of someone’s hometown, or a caregiver working on a puzzle with a resident. In the warmer weather, our residents enjoy sitting outside or helping in our beautiful vegetable and flower garden.

Rockville Memory care nurse and resident

Dedicated Caregivers

Optimal memory care means a central focus on the individual. It means knowing their habits and preferences and helping them make connections. When your loved one moves in, we write a short biography especially for them. We include where they were born, what they spent their lives doing, their families, hobbies, and talents. We do our best to capture their life experiences and accomplishments.

Having a “Family Album” with a biography on each resident gives us the ability to create programming based on the individual’s specific interests and connects us to the people they were before the disease.

People living with dementia still experience joy, comfort, and meaning in their lives. We encourage our residents to reconnect to their past and we help them do this by telling their story. This is a critical component of our program. It ensures our caregivers truly knows who our residents are. It allows them to connect on a more personal level, one that exceeds simply knowing their medical and physical needs.

memory caer assisted living nurse with residents

Caring Staff

For residents with dementia, the relationship they have with their caregivers is pivotal to their quality of life. Some of our team members have worked with us for over 10 or even 20 years. In an industry that normally has high staff turnover rates, we feel this speaks volumes. At Maple Ridge, we’re proud to have a staff-to-resident ratio of at least 1:4 during the day.
Rockville, Maryland memory care nurses

Our Team

Our clinical staff is made up of onsite caregivers and medication technicians. We have a management team that consists of two Directors, Nurses, an Activity Director, a Human Resources Manager, a Maintenance Director, and a Business Manager. In addition, we are frequently visited by therapists, doctors, and other health professionals.

Amenities at Maple Ridge

Seniors Enjoying their memory care home in Rockville, MD

Maple Ridge is specifically designed to resemble a home that our residents may have once lived in. Creating this aura of familiarity is what brings our residents a sense of comfort. We provide amenities geared toward making our residents feel comfortable, safe, and well cared for. We do this by considering every aspect of each resident’s life.

Respect is the cornerstone of who we are and our approach to care at Maple Ridge. We recognize that our residents are individuals with lifelong experiences. They deserve to be treated with dignity and to maintain their sense of self-worth. We support their right to privacy, their right to choose their daily routine, and their right to live in a manner consistent with their past. We meet them where they are, designing a program that builds on their skills and abilities and maximizes their opportunity for success.

Memory-Enriching Activities

When new residents move in, we gather information from the resident and families to create a short biography on each individual that gives us a glimpse into their lives and what brought them joy. This becomes part of our “Family Album” and is used for staff to get to know our residents and to create an activity program based on each unique individual.

The activities at Maple Ridge are therefore constantly evolving and may include music, art projects, word games, reminiscence therapy, puzzles, and exercise. We believe in meeting our residents where they are. This means understanding who they are, what their life is and has been about. With an appreciation for their uniqueness, we craft our program to their needs and abilities.

Meal cooked at a memory care home

Home-Cooked Meals Daily

Mealtime and proper nutrition are important for our residents. With only 14 residents, we can tailor meals to our residents’ specific needs and preferences. Our staff members get to know the residents and what they like and dislike. We know who likes a specific breakfast and who won’t eat a certain food. Additionally, we encourage family members to bring in special foods their loved ones may have enjoyed in their own homes.
Laundry folded by memory care nurse

Housekeeping and Laundry

Our caregivers make sure the home is kept clean and safe. In addition to our staff’s daily cleaning, we have a professional cleaning service come in every two weeks to complement our efforts. We also have on-site laundry facilities to ensure our residents have clean clothing, bedding, and towels daily.
Memory care resident and nurse in Rockville, Maryland

Personal Care

Our staff members are well trained to provide personal care services, such as bathing, dressing, grooming, medication administration, assistance with ambulation and feeding when needed. They can provide dementia care that is personalized since they know not only about the physical needs of each resident but also about their rich and personal history. Knowing this type of information when providing care is invaluable. This is the personalized service that sets Maple Ridge apart from other area memory care homes.
Bill Stein

These homes are wonderful. My mother was in two of them and my wife was in a third. Extraordinary care, a loving staff, and a family atmosphere. There is no place other than these homes that I would want my loved ones to be. They go beyond that extra mile to ensure that everything is right for our loved ones and their families. If you are looking for a special place, look no further. Cedar Creek Homes will provide the best care with love.

Anita Wahi

My dad lived there for about five years before he passed away last year. He had lived in other assisted living facilities before, but nothing compared to the care and love they gave him at Maple Ridge. My sister and I are so thankful to have found them and entrusted our dad’s care to them. Thank you, Maple Ridge.

Roz Blackstone

My mother lived the last few years of her life at Maple Ridge and received wonderful care there. I especially appreciated the pro-active thinking on the part of Anna, the administrator, and the great communication we established regarding Mom’s medical condition. Thanks to all of the staff there for all of their help.

Doris Jones

Cedar creek has been so great with my mother, I know she is in excellent quality care and a place she enjoys.

Amy McClure

Your help in this challenging period is greatly appreciated. Our entire family extends our thanks for what cedar creek has done for our father.

Selena Gollet

They have come to me when I felt the most desperate and shed a light on my way. Thank you cedar creek for all you have done.

Contact Us to Learn More About Maple Ridge

Finding a place that meets the ever-changing needs of your loved one is no small task. Our 25+ years of experience in memory care has helped make us one of the leading dementia care providers in Montgomery County.

At Maple Ridge, our home becomes our residents’ home. We take the responsibility of caring for your loved one the same way we would expect for our own family. For us, there’s no higher praise than the smile of an engaged, happy resident or the thanks from a grateful relative.

If you would like to find out how our excellent staff-to-resident ratio and small home-like environment may benefit your loved one, please use our contact form or give us a call at 301-384-4017. We will gladly discuss our services with you and answer any questions you may have.

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