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Cedar Creek Memory Care Homes is a trusted partner in memory care in Maryland. Our beautiful properties are ideal for those looking for a long-term memory care facility with a homelike feel. We take a patient-centered approach to dementia and Alzheimer’s care, helping seniors feel safe and comfortable in their new home and allowing them to enjoy engaging activities in a welcoming community.

We understand that an Alzheimer’s diagnosis can be difficult and frightening for both the individual and their family. Living in a comfortable and familiar environment can greatly improve a person’s well-being. Our memory care residential homes provide that sense of continuity and personal care that can make all the difference.

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A Closer Look at Our Memory Care Homes in Maryland

Choosing a memory care home for a loved one can be difficult. You want to feel confident the community you choose will deliver a high standard of care, and you want to know that your loved one will feel comfortable in the environment. At Cedar Creek, we offer some of the highest-quality senior memory care facilities in Maryland. Our residential memory care homes include:

Red brick building with white columns and green shutters at Auxiliary House, representing memory care units near me
A modern property designed for seniors in the early to moderate stages of dementia, this memory care property has eight rooms, each of which is equipped with a private bathroom. The community has a communal kitchen, dining room and living space. Residents can enjoy freshly prepared meals, served three times a day.
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Stone building with a manicured lawn and flower bed at Cedar Glen, representing memory care homes near me
Situated in the beautiful Fallsmead neighborhood, this rustic home features a large rear garden where memory care residents can safely relax and enjoy some time in the sun. A former summer home, the property offers eight private rooms, and we maintain a daytime staff-to-resident ratio of 1:3 to ensure attentive, personalized care.
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Brick building with a well-maintained yard and trees at Hillwood, representing memory care facilities Maryland
Situated in a picturesque part of Bethesda, between the Burning Tree Club and Bethesda Country Club, provides a full spectrum of care. The community can support seniors living with advanced Alzheimer’s, and the homelike environment promotes a feeling of safety and comfort. It also features 8 private rooms, ensuring a personalized and intimate living experience.
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Single-story blue building with a white porch at Maple Ridge, representing an Alzheimer's care facility near me
Conveniently located in a residential area just 15 minutes from Rockville’s town center, Maple Ridge is a small memory care home with 14 private rooms. The community has a low staff turnover rate, with some caregivers having worked there as long as 25 years. This helps provide the continuity that’s key to our person-centered care approach.
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Single-story building with a porch and surrounded by trees at Clifton Woods, representing a memory care facility near me
Located in a peaceful neighborhood in Silver Spring, Clifton Woods features eight private apartments, along with common spaces for community members to socialize. The home's great room is ideal for seniors looking to entertain visitors. The enclosed backyard is home to a flower garden and vegetable patch, which residents take great pride in tending.
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The quiet residential settings and homelike feel of our memory care housing help seniors feel at home. Our caring staff members learn the likes and dislikes of each resident and encourage them to take part in community activities that promote cognitive well-being.

Tour our memory care communities virtually for a sneak peek at what they have to offer.

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Tailored Memory Care for Individual Needs

Our personalized approach to specialized memory care for seniors involves fostering a safe and welcoming environment where they can maintain their independence and privacy. Our memory care communities are small and maintain strict staff-to-resident ratios to ensure a high standard of care. For example, the Clifton Woods memory care community accepts just eight residents and has a staff-to-resident ratio of 1:3 in the morning and 1:4 in the evening.

Our Alzheimer’s care facility at Cedar Glen maintains similar staffing ratios, with patients living in private rooms and having the opportunity to take part in a variety of tailored life-enriching activities throughout the day.

Our low-capacity memory care communities enable us to truly get to know each patient and provide a better continuity of care than a memory care unit at a large facility. Our trained caregivers know the needs and preferences of each of their patients and can deliver the specialized care they need on any given day.

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Find Cedar Creek Memory Care Near Me

Cedar Creek memory care communities are available across Montgomery County. From Clifton Woods’ homey apartments close to Brookside Gardens to the tranquility and privacy of Maple Ridge, just 15 minutes from Rockville town center, our long-term care facilities in Maryland cover all your needs.

We understand families like to have their loved ones stay in a community close to them, and we have many options to choose from. For example, in addition to Auxiliary House in Bethesda, we also have Hillwood, an Alzheimer’s care community for those needing higher levels of care.

Discover compassionate memory care living today! Contact us to learn more about our local Alzheimer’s care facilities.

Tour the best memory care facilities in Maryland near you:

Discover Excellence in Memory Care at Cedar Creek

Our dementia care homes provide memory care services to seniors living with dementia, including those in the early stages of the condition and those with more serious needs. If you’d like to know more about our Alzheimer’s care homes, why not book an appointment to visit a community and talk to our memory care residents so you can assess the facility first-hand?

We’re confident you’ll find our attentive staff, beautiful residential communities, and nurturing, life-enriching activities a good fit for your loved one.

At Cedar Creek Memory Care in Maryland, every resident is treated like family. We’re committed to enhancing the lives of those with memory conditions through care, respect, and love. Join us at Cedar Creek — where caring is at the heart of everything we do.

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Our Memory Care Residents Stay Involved

We keep our residents with dementia involved and contributing by encouraging a sense of purpose and supporting them along the way. We're not about bureaucracy, we're about finding solutions and making life better for people who have little control over their minds and fewer choices about their lives than any of us would want.


Ashley Dotson Madison

This community was great! They were very helpful and informative, and had a lot to offer for a much lower price then a lot of the other surrounding communities! Also love how all their homes are memory care homes in a small intimate environment!

Elaine Kallen Fertig

After visiting other facilities I chose Auxiliary House for my father as the staff was very one-on-one, dedicated, caring and their personal involvement with my father was outstanding – also making the family feel reassured and comfortable.

Kathy Sabatier

My mother has been a resident at Auxiliary House for over 4 years. We feel so fortunate to have found this wonderful place where the staff care so deeply for all the residents.

Ann Moseley

My mother has been in Cedar Glen for two and a half years. It was the second facility I visited and my search stopped there. It’s a genuine home, not at all institutional, where all the residents are known and loved as individuals. It’s also very professionally run and there are clearly systems in place to ensure high standards of care. Staff turnover seems almost nonexistent. It’s exactly what a care home should be and I feel so lucky to have found it.

Dave Chapman

My mother lives here. Ruthie and Anna are the best, not just for managing the facility and communicating to families, but for being visionary and pro-active during these very trying times. I never wonder if my mom is well cared for. Thanks to all the staff for everything they do for all the residents, not just my mom — we’re lucky to have found this home.

Tracy Perkins

Mom moved from Auxiliary House to Hillwood when she needed more care. Both houses are managed by Cedar Creek. Fabulous company that knows dementia inside and out and cares for the residents in small homes (not institutional entities). Staff are great and have a long tenure with the company, the management is helpful and informed, and we couldn’t be happier with the care they provide. Strongly recommend. It was a great place for Mom.

Mary Goldstein

Hillwood is Amazing! My Uncle has been there since October of 2019 and he is very happy. If you want your love one to be safe, happy and well cared for this is the place for them! I am so thankful for all the staff and management do for my Uncle.

Joanne Irving

I cannot say enough positive things about the wonderful care and attention my mother receives from the superb staff at the Cedar Creek Homes. I feel blessed to have found them.

Jane Kelley

Exceptional management. Wonderful and VERY dedicated staff. Loving environment. Creative activities. I can’t say enough positive things about my 11 year experience at this home. You will sleep well at night knowing your family member is in the best possible hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. Once a resident has moved in, are there charges for extra care services that are not reflected in the daily rate?
Daily rates are all-inclusive and do not change as care needs increase. Cedar Creek does not charge extra for personal care, medication administration, laundry services, or housekeeping. Residents do pay for their own medication, personal care items, and supplies.
02. What about medical care?
We have doctors, nurses, therapists, dentists, podiatrists, and other health care professionals who visit residents at our Alzheimer’s care homes. Residents are welcome to continue to see their own doctor, but we provide the option to utilize our doctors for convenience and for more monitored medical oversight.
03. Are physical therapy or rehabilitation services offered at Cedar Creek?
Cedar Creek residents may receive a doctor’s order for physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy. Therapists can come to any of our Alzheimer’s care facilities to work with our residents.
04. What if my loved one lives out of state or in another county?
We will work with you and their doctor(s) to obtain the necessary information for the assessment. Once the decision has been made to move to Cedar Creek, we will assist you in locating a doctor who can be their new health care practitioner if needed.
05. What kinds of activities are offered?
We have a unique and individualized activity program, structured to meet the needs of residents with Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss. Our amazing full-time activity therapist learns about each resident's background and finds opportunities to bring them joy. You may find our activity therapist outside working with residents in one of our retirement community's vegetable gardens, taking residents on a journey with her iPad to explore their hometown, or leading a reminiscence group. If our activity therapist meets a resident with an interest in quilting, they start a quilting group. We also have therapists who provide cognitive stimulation and entertainers who provide music therapy for our residents. In addition, our caregivers are trained to engage residents in meaningful activities throughout the day, such as leading daily exercise or sing-a-longs, working on puzzles, and art projects. Our activity program varies based on the home and the interests of the residents, which is why we can truly say it is unique.
06. Does Cedar Creek provide end-of-life care?
In most cases, residents stay with us for long-term care throughout their lives. Additionally, residents whose health status qualifies for hospice care can be assisted at our residential memory care homes by nursing support from local hospice organizations. In rare cases, when a resident’s care needs exceed the licensed capabilities of Cedar Creek, we work closely with family members to find the best alternative and promote a smooth transition to the new care facility.

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