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As the global COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) pandemic evolves, we are consulting with a number of clinical and infectious disease specialists, including the CDC, CMS, and local health authorities. In accordance with guidance from these experts, we’ve developed our phased Resumption of Operations plan.

Be Comfortable

Feel at Home

In 1995, we started Cedar Creek because we saw a big gap in assisted living choices
for people with dementia. We strongly believe people with memory loss feel safer and more secure in small homes like the ones they've lived in all their lives.

Leading Dementia Care Provider in Montgomery County

Living with Dementia and Dignity

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Live Joyfully

At our homes in Montgomery County, our residents live their lives with a sense of normalcy and a lot of joy. We believe true dementia care is about an intimate relationship with our residents and a strong partnership with our families.
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Remember Yourself

We believe in meeting our residents where they are. This means understanding who they are--what their life is--and has been about. With an appreciation for their uniqueness, we craft our program to their needs and abilities.
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Maintaining a sense of routine and familiarity is at the heart of our program. This might mean supervised cooking or daily walks. Probably singing and hopefully some dancing. There is nothing more important than fostering normalcy with our residents.
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Our Residents Stay Involved

We keep our residents involved and contributing--sweeping the patio, stirring cookie batter--encouraging a sense of purpose and supporting them along the way. We're not about bureaucracy, we're about finding solutions and making life better for people who have little control over their minds and fewer choices about their lives than any of us would want.

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    Frankie Kao
    Frankie Kao
    Doris Jones
    Doris Jones

    Cedar creek has been so great with my mother, I know she is in excellent quality care and a place she enjoys.

    Amy McClure
    Amy McClure

    Your help in this challenging period is greatly appreciated. Our entire family extends our thanks for what cedar creek has done for our father.

    Selena Gollet
    Selena Gollet

    They have come to me when I felt the most desperate and shed a light on my way. Thank you cedar creek for all you have done.


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