Cedar Creek’s Covid-19 Response

In response to the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, Cedar Creek has worked diligently with the Maryland Department of Health, the local health department, and the CDC to develop policies consistent with current guidelines to keep our residents and staff as safe as possible.

What We’re Doing

Cedar Creek Skill Nurse during COVID
  • Weekly Covid-19 testing of all employees with 24-hour turnaround for results.
  • Employees are screened at the beginning of each shift, including temperature checks, exposure questions, and symptom reporting.
  • All employees are trained by dedicated staff on enhanced infection control protocols, proper PPE usage, hand-washing, and sanitizing.
  • All homes have UV lights in their HVAC systems and we have air purifiers in our homes for an added layer of protection.
  • Family members are now able to visit both indoors and outdoors per facility guidelines.
  • We are working closely with a local hospital to provide the Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Treatment if a resident becomes eligible and is given prior approval from family and their health care provider.

Cedar Creek Covid-19 Vaccine Response

Getting our staff and residents vaccinated for Covid-19 is a top priority for Cedar Creek. We were able to advocate for our employees to be vaccinated through county clinics over one month ahead of their originally scheduled date and well before most assisted living staff in Montgomery County.

100% of our employees have been vaccinated against Covid-19 which is well above the national average of vaccination rates among employees of long-term care facilities in the country.

100% of our residents have been vaccinated through the federal Walgreens program.

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