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Memory Care facilities in Brookeville MD

Located in Montgomery County, Maryland, Cedar Creek Memory Care Homes operates boutique residences for adults experiencing memory loss. All five homes are staffed by experienced employees who understand the challenges of caring for people with dementia, ensuring each resident’s safety and well-being. Cedar Creek strives to create a comfortable environment that makes residents feel at home. Read on to learn more about our memory care near Brookeville Maryland.

Established in 1995

14 Private Rooms

1:4 Staff-to-Resident Ratio

Cedar Creek Memory Care Facilities

Cedar Creek’s five memory care homes are located less than one hour from Washington, D.C., making them a convenient option for older adults from the National Capital Region. Family members from Silver Spring, Rockville, Bethesda, Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia can easily visit any of these memory care homes after work or on the weekends.

Auxiliary House

Auxiliary House, located in Bethesda, accommodates eight residents. Each resident has a private bedroom, a private bathroom and access to comfortable common areas. Because Auxiliary House only accepts eight residents at a time, every resident receives personalized attention from experienced memory care staff. This memory care home offers traditional assisted living services and dementia care, making it ideal for older adults with early to moderate dementia.
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Cedar Glen

Cedar Glen blends experienced memory care staff with a picturesque country setting, creating a comfortable environment for residents who need Alzheimer's care or other dementia care services. Located in Rockville, the property features stunning architectural details, a large garden and lovely views of the neighborhood. Staff members strive to create a homelike environment, which helps residents feel comfortable and may prevent agitation and other dementia symptoms from getting worse.
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Clifton Woods

Located in Silver Spring, Clifton Woods accommodates eight residents in need of memory care. The memory care house features eight private apartments, a remodeled great room and a kitchen, dining room and living room where residents gather to eat and share their stories. Clifton Woods combines the independence of assisted living facilities with the extra support of a memory care home, giving residents the best of both worlds.
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Hillwood is a one-story home located in Bethesda, Maryland. This memory care house accommodates eight residents and offers convenient access to Bethesda Country Club and other nearby attractions. Hillwood started out as an alternative to nursing homes and other institutional settings, and it continues that tradition today. Staff members have experience providing Alzheimer's care and assisted living services to residents with a wide range of needs.
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Maple Ridge

Located in Rockville, Maple Ridge offers personalized dementia care in a quiet, comfortable setting. Unlike many assisted living centers or dementia care facilities, Maple Ridge provides residents with opportunities to spend time outdoors and enjoy the neighborhood's many amenities. The memory care home is also located on a private road, ensuring the safety and privacy of each resident.
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Memory Care Services

Residents of Cedar Creek enjoy seeing the same friendly faces every day. While our five homes have a total of just 46 residents, we have 60 staff members. As a result, every resident receives personalized attention that can help them better manage their Alzheimer’s disease or dementia symptoms. Staff members spend much of their time developing personal connections with each resident and delivering programming to support residents’ physical and emotional needs.

Routine is the cornerstone of our Alzheimer’s care programs. When residents know what to expect, they’re less likely to become agitated or experience high levels of anxiety. Each resident’s routine is based on their medical and psychological needs, but once it’s established, staff members focus on delivering a consistent experience. As a result, residents with dementia benefit from having some level of normalcy in their lives.

We also work to involve residents in every aspect of our programming. Residents with mild dementia lead group activities or help staff members with household chores, and residents with moderate to advanced dementia stay involved by attending activity sessions or socializing with each other in the common areas of each assisted living home.

Geriatric nurse practitioner provides senior care to dementia and Alzheimer's patients at Brookeville memory care and nearby areas
Seniors sitting and having a conversation at Brookeville house assisted living

Affordable Assisted Living

Many senior living facilities advertise low monthly rates but then charge extra for every little service. Cedar Creek’s assisted living homes are all-inclusive, meaning you never have to worry about additional charges for the services and items your loved one needs to stay comfortable and engaged. Our assisted living rates include a private room, housekeeping services, three daily meals, snacks, medication administration and more. If your loved one’s needs change, they’ll continue paying the same rate.

Cedar Creek has physical therapists, doctors, nurses and other experienced medical professionals come to each assisted living home on a regular basis. While residents are welcome to continue using their personal health care providers, seeing our doctors improves continuity of care and ensures staff members are aware of any changes in a resident’s medical status. Some residents also work with speech therapists or occupational therapists, depending on their needs.

Cedar Creek Memory Care provides the best dining and meal choices for senior residents

Home-Cooked Meals Daily

Mealtime and proper nutrition are important for our residents. With only 14 residents, we can tailor meals to our resident's specific needs and preferences. Our staff members get to know the residents and what they like and dislike. We know who likes a specific breakfast and who won’t eat a certain food. Additionally, we encourage family members to bring in special foods their loved ones may have enjoyed in their own homes.
Our Cedar Creek memory care homes provide housekeeping and laundry services for residents

Housekeeping and Laundry Services

Our caregivers make sure the home is kept clean and safe. In addition to our staff’s daily cleaning, we have a professional cleaning service come in every two weeks to complement our efforts. We also have on-site laundry facilities to ensure our memory care residents have clean clothing, bedding, and towels daily.
Cedar Creek's dementia trained nurses providing memory care services

Personal Care

Our staff members at our memory care assisted living facility are well trained to provide quality care services, such as bathing, dressing, grooming, medication administration, assistance with ambulation and feeding when needed. They excel in providing dementia care services that are personalized since they know not only about the physical needs of each resident but also about their rich and personal history. Knowing this type of information when providing care is invaluable. This is the personalized service that sets Maple Ridge apart from other area memory care homes.
Ashley Dotson Madison

This community was great! They were very helpful and informative, and had a lot to offer for a much lower price then a lot of the other surrounding communities! Also love how all their homes are memory care homes in a small intimate environment!

Elaine Kallen Fertig

After visiting other facilities I chose Auxiliary House for my father as the staff was very one-on-one, dedicated, caring and their personal involvement with my father was outstanding – also making the family feel reassured and comfortable.

Kathy Sabatier

My mother has been a resident at Auxiliary House for over 4 years. We feel so fortunate to have found this wonderful place where the staff care so deeply for all the residents.

Ann Moseley

My mother has been in Cedar Glen for two and a half years. It was the second facility I visited and my search stopped there. It’s a genuine home, not at all institutional, where all the residents are known and loved as individuals. It’s also very professionally run and there are clearly systems in place to ensure high standards of care. Staff turnover seems almost nonexistent. It’s exactly what a care home should be and I feel so lucky to have found it.

Dave Chapman

My mother lives here. Ruthie and Anna are the best, not just for managing the facility and communicating to families, but for being visionary and pro-active during these very trying times. I never wonder if my mom is well cared for. Thanks to all the staff for everything they do for all the residents, not just my mom — we’re lucky to have found this home.

Tracy Perkins

Mom moved from Auxiliary House to Hillwood when she needed more care. Both houses are managed by Cedar Creek. Fabulous company that knows dementia inside and out and cares for the residents in small homes (not institutional entities). Staff are great and have a long tenure with the company, the management is helpful and informed, and we couldn’t be happier with the care they provide. Strongly recommend. It was a great place for Mom.

Mary Goldstein

Hillwood is Amazing! My Uncle has been there since October of 2019 and he is very happy. If you want your love one to be safe, happy and well cared for this is the place for them! I am so thankful for all the staff and management do for my Uncle.

Joanne Irving

I cannot say enough positive things about the wonderful care and attention my mother receives from the superb staff at the Cedar Creek Homes. I feel blessed to have found them.

Jane Kelley

Exceptional management. Wonderful and VERY dedicated staff. Loving environment. Creative activities. I can’t say enough positive things about my 11 year experience at this home. You will sleep well at night knowing your family member is in the best possible hands.

Comprehensive Activity Programs

All our memory care homes in Montgomery County have comprehensive activity programs designed to help residents stay active and build strong relationships with each other. These memory care activities are highly personalized and developed with the needs of dementia sufferers in mind. Depending on the resident’s location and health status, a personalized activity program may include dancing, spending time in a community garden, doing crafts or working on puzzles.

If your loved one has Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia, Cedar Creek offers a safe, comfortable alternative to a nursing home or secure hospital unit. All residents receive personal attention and comprehensive care for as long as they need it, making it easier to manage their dementia symptoms. For more information about this memory care facility near Brookeville, Maryland, call (301) 384-4017.

Maple Ridge Memory Care Home
15908 Maple Ridge Ct, Rockville, MD 20853
(301) 384-4017


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