Memory Care Near Arlington, Virginia

An image representing a memory care facility near Arlington, VA, offering specialized Alzheimer's care for residents at different dementia stages

Enhance the quality of life your loved ones experience by getting them memory care near Arlington, VA, through Cedar Creek Memory Care Homes. We’re committed to understanding the needs of patients with dementia and delivering compassionate care. Our memory care homes offer a supportive setting that focuses strongly on helping seniors retain their dignity and individuality as their dementia progresses. Our highly skilled caregivers know the importance of the assistance, services and support they provide, helping older adults with personal care and daily living tasks.

Family members requiring dementia and Alzheimer’s care may not need an around-the-clock caregiver now. But as patients move through the different stages of the disease, that may change quite rapidly and, sometimes, before you have a chance to get your loved one to a proper home. For these reasons and more, put Cedar Creek at the top of your list when an individual needs care options for dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Tailored Memory Care Near Arlington, Virginia: Our Approach and Philosophy

Turn to Cedar Creek when you’re looking at memory care units that focus on personalized long-term care. Our small dementia care homes with highly trained staff ensure the comfort and care of your loved one in a homelike setting, and that’s what makes our holistic approach to dementia and Alzheimer’s care so special. Our staff members create tailored plans that focus strongly on personalized support, and our caregivers change things up accordingly as Alzheimer’s or dementia progresses to ensure their well-being and avoid lapses in proper care.

The compassionate caregivers at Cedar Creek help residents maintain their brain health through the different stages of the disease, by offering assistance with daily activities to improve their well-being and quality of life. They also work with outside teams for other healthcare needs, including therapists, doctors, dentists and podiatrists, seeing to every aspect of their health. We also monitor nutrition and manage medications, creating a strong foundation to help each person thrive, even when they require dementia or Alzheimer’s care.

Memory Care Homes Designed With Your Loved One in Mind

Feel confident in the care and assistance your family member receives at Cedar Creek, where we place a firm focus on the needs of your loved one. Each caregiver studies residents’ biographies in detail, helping them gently remind people with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia of their lives for a positive atmosphere that reduces anxiety. Whether it’s mentioning your loved one’s hometown, providing name prompts for family members or engaging them in conversations about their occupation, hobbies and interests, each caregiver plays a role in conserving cognitive function with care that benefits your aging loved one.

Our Homes: More Than Just Memory Care Facilities

Give your loved one a true home, even when they have to be away from theirs, with residency at Cedar Creek. Each person living in our homes benefits from a supportive setting that refrains from an institutional-like environment for the coziness of home. Seniors here can socialize, form strong bonds, and create friendships through daily activities and support groups that encourage reminiscing, helping them remember who they are, even as dementia progresses. This comforting lifestyle for dementia and Alzheimer’s care in Arlington keeps your loved one happier and healthier through the different stages of their particular condition.

An image representing family members at a senior care community near Arlington, VA

Cedar Creek Amenities: Enhancing Quality of Life Every Day

Every single day is special at Cedar Creek, and we treat it and our residents as such by seeing to their every need. Our top-notch amenities set us apart, from our home-cooked meals to our beautiful and thoughtfully designed living areas. These little touches of home promote overall well-being and a strong sense of belonging. We support the community with events that give residents chances to interact socially and help them feel like they’re with family and friends, including movie nights, exercise and musical activities.

Specialized Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care: Our Expertise

Ensure your loved one receives the specialized care necessary for a diagnosis of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Our skilled staff develops personalized care strategies, incorporating a firm understanding of what behaviors within those conditions look like to help them improve their level of care — and your loved one’s quality of life. Our compassionate approach to care creates a safe, nurturing atmosphere that lends dignity and support through the different stages of diseases and conditions that affect memory.

Joining the Cedar Creek Family: Your Arlington Alzheimer’s Care Home Partner

Reach out to Cedar Creek when your loved one needs assistance with Alzheimer’s care and you need to make decisions about a long-term care solution. After you make your inquiry, we schedule a time for you to visit the Alzheimer’s care home you select to see if it’s a good fit. Learn more today by requesting a consultation.

An image representing a registered nurse at an assisted living facility near Arlington, VA, providing medical care to seniors with dementia
An image representing a long-term care facility near Arlington, VA, where staff provide memory care services for individuals with Alzheimer's

What Families Say

Ashley Dotson Madison

This community was great! They were very helpful and informative, and had a lot to offer for a much lower price then a lot of the other surrounding communities! Also love how all their homes are memory care homes in a small intimate environment!

Elaine Kallen Fertig

After visiting other facilities I chose Auxiliary House for my father as the staff was very one-on-one, dedicated, caring and their personal involvement with my father was outstanding – also making the family feel reassured and comfortable.

Kathy Sabatier

My mother has been a resident at Auxiliary House for over 4 years. We feel so fortunate to have found this wonderful place where the staff care so deeply for all the residents.

Ann Moseley

My mother has been in Cedar Glen for two and a half years. It was the second facility I visited and my search stopped there. It’s a genuine home, not at all institutional, where all the residents are known and loved as individuals. It’s also very professionally run and there are clearly systems in place to ensure high standards of care. Staff turnover seems almost nonexistent. It’s exactly what a care home should be and I feel so lucky to have found it.

Dave Chapman

My mother lives here. Ruthie and Anna are the best, not just for managing the facility and communicating to families, but for being visionary and pro-active during these very trying times. I never wonder if my mom is well cared for. Thanks to all the staff for everything they do for all the residents, not just my mom — we’re lucky to have found this home.

Tracy Perkins

Mom moved from Auxiliary House to Hillwood when she needed more care. Both houses are managed by Cedar Creek. Fabulous company that knows dementia inside and out and cares for the residents in small homes (not institutional entities). Staff are great and have a long tenure with the company, the management is helpful and informed, and we couldn’t be happier with the care they provide. Strongly recommend. It was a great place for Mom.

Mary Goldstein

Hillwood is Amazing! My Uncle has been there since October of 2019 and he is very happy. If you want your love one to be safe, happy and well cared for this is the place for them! I am so thankful for all the staff and management do for my Uncle.

Joanne Irving

I cannot say enough positive things about the wonderful care and attention my mother receives from the superb staff at the Cedar Creek Homes. I feel blessed to have found them.

Jane Kelley

Exceptional management. Wonderful and VERY dedicated staff. Loving environment. Creative activities. I can’t say enough positive things about my 11 year experience at this home. You will sleep well at night knowing your family member is in the best possible hands.

Why Choose Cedar Creek Near Arlington, VA?

When you want a memory care option that puts your family member’s quality of life at the forefront, look to Cedar Creek. The customized care provided to each individual keeps them relaxed and reminiscing, while activities help them socialize with other people with Alzheimer’s and similar conditions. Our caregivers familiarize themselves with each resident’s background so they can put them at ease with little details about their lives. This can make all the difference when they’re immersed in a new setting away from their home and people they know and love. Come visit today to see if our homelike settings may be just what your loved one needs for comfort and care during the different stages of dementia.

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