About Our Staff at Clifton Woods

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The Cedar Creek family of memory care communities began with Clifton Woods, our first memory care home. Up to 8 residents can call Clifton Woods home. Clifton Woods is set up to resemble a home environment that enables our residents to feel safe and comfortable. We are not a huge, institutionalized facility where residents are simply numbers. Everyone at Clifton Woods is family and receives the personalized care and attention they deserve.

The staff at Clifton Woods put our residents first and every resident is treated with dignity and respect. Our caring staff members get to know each resident, as well as residents’ family members. Maintaining a sense of routine and familiarity is at the heart of our program. There is nothing more important than fostering normalcy with our residents.

Established in 1995

14 Private Rooms

1:4 Staff-to-Resident Ratio

Meet Our Caring Team

The team at Clifton Woods knows that continuity is central to quality memory care. We have a very low staff turnover, and familiarity is crucial to providing a sense of comfort for our residents. Some of our caregivers have been here for 10 years or more.

We also have one of the best staff-to-resident ratios in the area. During the day, this ratio is at least 1:3 in the morning and 1:4 in the evening. This ensures our residents are able to receive the time and attention they deserve. On-site we have caregivers and medication technicians who support our residents’ daily care needs.

We also have a comprehensive management team that consists of our activity director, maintenance director, human resources manager, business manager as well as two directors. In addition, a team of healthcare professionals, including therapists and doctors, helps to care for our residents with frequent visits.

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Getting to Know Our Residents

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We believe in meeting our residents where they are. This means understanding who they are and what their life has been about. With an appreciation for their uniqueness, we craft our program to meet their needs and abilities.

Each person has a biography in our “Family Album” that gives us a glimpse into their life achievements and experiences. This includes where they grew up, their life accomplishments, and their careers. It includes their families, their pastimes and talents, and what brings them joy.

Daily Life at Clifton Woods

We keep our residents involved to encourage a sense of purpose and supporting them along the way. We’re not about bureaucracy, we’re about finding solutions and making life better for people who have little control over their minds and fewer choices about their lives than any of us would want.

Each resident has a private room at Clifton Woods. We have a common dining room, kitchen, living room, and brand new “great room” for residents to spend time together. Our home allows for both privacy and independence, as well as opportunities for socialization with staff and other residents.

Premier Memory Care

Our 25+ years of experience in memory care has helped make us one of the premier dementia care providers in Montgomery County. Finding a place that meets the ever-changing needs of your loved one is no small task. Call us to find out how we can help.

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