The Cedar Creek Difference


The Cedar Creek Difference

The Cedar Creek Difference

Catering to the unique needs of patients with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia is no easy feat. It requires effort, dedication and special expertise. That’s why many states impose laws upon facilities that offer dementia care.

While these laws vary, they generally focus on licensing and operating regulations. Some states may also demand a certain amount of training hours. However, most training decisions are left to the facilities. For example, in Maryland, the state regulations for memory care and nursing homes are as follows: “Facilities providing long-term care for patients with Alzheimer’s must have a dementia-specific in-service education program.”

Ultimately, it’s up to each individual memory care community to provide a high standard of care. And, it’s up to each family to find a community that meets their own standards. After all, you don’t want your loved one in a facility that does the bare minimum — you want them in a home that goes above and beyond to fulfill their needs. That’s where Cedar Creek comes in.

Cedar Creek Memory Care Homes: What Makes Us Different?

If you’re looking for high-quality assisted living and memory care services in Maryland, the Cedar Creek team has you covered. We offer picturesque, comfortable homes in the following locations:

At every home, we pride ourselves on providing personalized, exemplary dementia care that puts residents first. Let’s take a closer look at the unique features that make Cedar Creek stand out.

Group of caregivers during their break.

Dedicated Staff

Finding a dedicated, passionate senior living staff is challenging. According to the Nursing Interventions Classification, the yearly turnover rate among senior living communities is approximately 85%, which means most workers don’t stick around long enough to really connect with residents.

At Cedar Creek, we’ve managed to overcome this hurdle. Many of our employees have been with us for several years and even decades.

Due to our low turnover rates, our staff has had the pleasure of getting to know residents on a personal level. Our team’s dedication, coupled with our passion for the senior living field, helps set Cedar Creek apart.


A central factor to consider when choosing a memory care home is the quality of care. Every memory care resident has their own unique health requirements, from general daily living assistance to specific medication management. Whatever their needs are, it’s important that the senior living team is prepared to meet them.

At Cedar Creek, we take caregiving seriously. Our staff is experienced and passionate, and many of our caregivers hold CDP (Certified Dementia Practitioner) certifications. Awarded by the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners (NCCDP), they’re given to frontline and healthcare workers who demonstrate a strong commitment to Alzheimer’s and dementia care. To qualify, workers must take a course and apply; then, they have to renew the license every 2 years. Here are a few key benefits of a CDP certification:

  • Improves efficiency, safety and trust
  • Boosts resident, family and staff satisfaction rates
  • Allows caregivers to deliver sensitive, psychological support and prepare appropriate activities
  • Promotes continuous quality and educational improvement
  • Reduces risk of injury, neglect and abuse

Ultimately, CDP certifications provide special benefits to all parties. Primarily, they help our caregivers further develop their knowledge and abilities in Alzheimer’s and dementia care. In turn, residents enjoy more personalized care and support. At Cedar Creek, we are proud to have four key staff members who are now Certified Dementia Practitioners:

  • Anna Waweru
  • Jennese Stewart
  • Angellina Linzie Holt
  • Omie Huggins

Personalized Biographies

Memory loss often comes with confusion and isolation. Many times, patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s feel like they’re alone in the world. At Cedar Creek, we go the extra mile to connect with residents by creating personalized biographies. Every resident receives their own biography filled with information about:

  • Hometowns
  • Family
  • Previous occupation
  • Personal interests
  • Achievements

These biographies help residents reminisce and exercise their memories. They also give our caregivers an opportunity to get to know residents on a deeper level. During training, our team is regularly quizzed on different biographies. By remembering unique details about residents’ lives, caregivers can foster communication and form personal connections more easily.

Activities Programs

While high-quality care is extremely important, it’s just one part of the senior living experience. Another major factor to consider is activities. According to the National Institute on Aging, engaging in regular activities has major benefits for older adults. In addition to improving physical and mental wellness, activities can boost cognitive function and even increase life spans. Aside from physical activities, memory care activities are still necessary especially for patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Of course, participating in activities isn’t always possible for patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, especially those in the later stages of memory loss. Instead of providing a set activities list, we adapt to individual needs by employing an activities therapist. By working closely with residents, they can develop programs tailored to everyone’s special interests. Here are a few of our favorite programs:

  • Exercise & movement
  • Trivia/word games
  • Reminiscence activities
  • Musical events

Giving residents a say in our activities helps provide a sense of purpose and ensures they’re enjoying the moment. Our ultimate goal is to make residents happy, address the challenges associated with memory loss and improve their overall quality of life.

Senior woman doing crochet as part of her memory care activity.

Looking for Expert Dementia Care? Contact Us Today!

In the United States alone, approximately 6 million adults suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias. While patients with memory loss typically share similar symptoms, every person has their own unique experience with the condition. Thus, it’s important to select a memory care home that respects this individuality, such as Cedar Creek. Our certified, dedicated staff, detailed biographies and personalized activities programs help make our Maryland memory care communities unique. To learn more about our memory care homes, please call us at (301) 384-4017 or contact us online!

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