COVID-Compliant Memory Care Communities in Montgomery County, Maryland

COVID-Compliant Memory Care Communities in Montgomery County, Maryland

The coronavirus pandemic has brought attention to many issues faced by individuals in memory care communities and assisted living homes. As the pandemic drags on, it’s become evident that sanitization, social distancing, and hand washing are primary concerns for individuals who live in these locations.

The staff at Cedar Creek has taken great steps to keep the residents in our memory care communities safe. At the start of the pandemic, Governor Larry Hogan created a task force to check COVID readiness within many Maryland assisted living and memory care facilities. Cedar Creek passed with flying colors!

As of March 2021, an average of 60% of staff members in the long-term care and assisted living industry has been vaccinated for COVID-19 in Maryland. Cedar Creek has an astounding 98% of our staff members vaccinated across our five memory care communities in Bethesda, Rockville, and Silver Spring, MD. We realize how important it is to protect our residents, and we’re doing what it takes to make that happen.

What Is Cedar Creek Doing to Protect Residents?

COVID compliance in memory care communitiesCedar Creek works diligently to ensure every possible measure is taken to reduce the risk of coronavirus in our communities. We follow the current guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as state and local health authorities.

While our memory care communities do face some challenges, such as trying to ensure that residents who have dementia understand how to protect themselves, we don’t let this deter us from doing what it takes to keep everyone safe.

We also realize that we can’t let COVID-19 have a negative impact on our residents’ mental health. We offer various programs and activities that engage our residents while still allowing them to social distance.

Our Memory care residents may need a little extra help remembering to wash and sanitize their hands. We provide our residents with reminders and the supplies they need to practice proper hygiene.

How Can Loved Ones Keep Our Residents Safe?

While visiting with a loved one in one of our memory care communities might still look a little different than before, we encourage family members to set up times to do so. We ask that you refrain from visiting if you experienced any symptoms of COVID-19, these include:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Trouble breathing
  • Recent exposure to someone that’s tested positive

We also ask that anyone who comes into our homes wears a mask for the entire visit. This simple step can greatly reduce the risk of coronavirus spreading. As the weather gets more pleasant, we can also extend the possibility of outdoor visits instead of bringing individuals into our facility. This enables you to enjoy the visit with your loved one without putting any other residents at risk of shared germs.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Memory Care Communities

We encourage anyone who needs to find an assisted living home to contact us to learn more about how we’re handling coronavirus. We’ll gladly discuss this, as well as other benefits of our homes with you.

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